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24 cues fireworks firing system both for remote and wire control,Sequential and fire all function

24 cues fireworks firing system both for remote and wire control,Sequential and fire all function
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Our promotion item: with lower price but full functions. No profit for this firing system only attract you to our store !


The whole system is including one remote controller, one wire controller, one receiver and a power plug for AC.


Brief Instruction   

DE Series firing system worked by 110/220V AC or 12/24V DC.  It has the “test” function. Each channel could fire about 20pcs igniters if by AC, about 10pcs igniters by DC. This series firing system could “salvo fire”,“sequential fire”   and “step by step fire”.Time range is from 0.1-4.8s. It can be remote and manual control.  


Operate video in youtube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JW8N3nxFHTI


Remote control manual

1.Select any channel that you need to fire: first move the drive plate on the right size of remote to the channel that you need to fire(for example,if you need fire channel 5,move to 5)and then press the red fire button on remote to fire the receivers that you need to fire;

If you need to fire the receivers one by one, you just need to keep pressing the red button on remote, it can fire the receivers one by one automatically, you don’t need to move the drive plate.


2.Fire all: move the drive plate to “--”,and pressing the red button on remote, all the receivers will fire together.


3.Sequential fire: move the drive plate to “1-48” and then press the drive plate one time, the digital table will flashing .(For example, move to “1-10”) it means the sequential time is 1 second , all the receivers will fire sequentially by this time. You can select other sequential time by the drive plate, and please find the table below.”figure’s key”means the number on drive plate, “interval S” means the sequential time;When you press the drive table again, it will not flashing ,and now you can select any receiver to fire or step fire.


Wire control manual

normally the default by our factory for wire control is step by step;

Also the wire control function of this machine will be set for the remote control set while you program.I mean the wire control function is according to the state of remote controller while you program.  the method is:


1.when the remote control status to any number of groups to the code under some condition, the wire control for the step function.

2.when the remote control on the state of all fire state \"--\" to the code, the wire for this function.

3.when the remote control for rapid-fire state (the digital tube twinkle) under the code, the wire for rapid-fire function, rapid-fire time to the code for the blinking figures.

Picture for remote control

Picture for wire control

Main board


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